What Are The Top Ten Most Viewed Episodes of 2019?

What Are The Top Ten Most Viewed Episodes of 2019? We answered that question on this episode of Real Truth. Real Quick.

Show Notes:

1. Why Does God Seek to Kill Moses in Exodus 4:24?

2. How Old Is the Earth?

3. Is Watermark Community Church a Cult?

4. What Should We Make of Kanye’s Profession of Faith and Celebrity Conversions in General?

5. What Are Altar Calls, and Are They Biblical? 6. What Is One of the Biggest Mistakes a Pastor Can Make?

7. What Does Jesus Mean When He Says to Hate Your Family in Luke 14:26?

8. Can You Be a Christian and Not Be Part of a Local Church?

9. How Do I Know Who God Wants Me to Marry?

10. What Is The Meaning of Jesus’ Exception Clause in Matthew 19:9?

Additional Resources:

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